Lessons may be taken by anybody at any age and are very much tailored to individual needs and abilities. 

Everyone is capable of playing - success is very much dependent on the quality of tuition provided and be assured you will be guaranteed  the highest possible standard of piano tuition.  It is essential that the student feels relaxed and that self confidence is nurtured from the very start and this is an absolute priority in the lessons. 

Progress will then be made through quite a classical approach concentrating on posture, hand position and a practical application of all the rudiments of music as required in piano playing.  Once a preparatory level has been reached we are then in a position to consider the various routes forward that are open to us, more details of which are found on the ensuing pages of the site.  As we progress through an individual’s tuition, as more achievements are realised then more options become available and I am very proud of the success students have actually achieved.

Students have gone on to study music at both Oxford and Cambridge Universities, Cheethams School of Music in Manchester and all major UK conservatoires.  Many have emerged from these educational establishments to pursue a professional career in music.


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